Software Programming:

  • PHP 5, Java and JSP (Including Authentication, LDAP, Web Services, Secure Socket Servers)
  • Javascript, JQuery framework, JQuery Mobile, AJAX, EXTJS 4
  • Expert experience in HTML 4 and CSS2, Experience in HTML 5 and CSS3
  • Expert level web browser compatibility coding
  • NodeJS, Express, EJS, Request, Stylus
  • Agile development plus training via Innolution – Working on a SCRUM Team by Kenneth Rubin

Database Design:

  • MySql 5, Oracle, Microsoft SQL, CouchDB

CMS Customization and Programming:

  • Joomla (PHP 5 based)
  • WordPress (PHP 5 based)
  • Drupal (PHP 5 based)
  • OpenCMS (Java Based)
  • Crown Peak (ASP, C# based)
  • SiteCore 6.4.1 basic site setup

Thirdy Party Integrations:

  • Google MAPS API 3, GeoCoding, GeoLocation in both web and mobile web
  • integration, integration
  • EPrize Integration for sweepstakes
  • Addthis Toolbar for multiple media buttons (facebook, twitter, linkedin etc..)
  • PDF 3rd party libraries to generate PDF files dynamically on websites

SEO Optimization and Metrics:

  • SEO trained via MarketMotive
  • Google Analytics and Tracking


  • Adobe Photoshop CS, Litmus Email Testing, NetBeans, Eclipse, VersionOne